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The Mad Dabbers are a threepiece reggae-rock band based out of Dover, Delaware. The band formed in 2019 and quickly gained a local following due to their crowd-pleasing reggae meets grunge sound. If Chris Cornell and Bradley Nowell started a band, it would have sounded like The Mad Dabbers! 

The band is the brain-child of front-man and lead guitarist Dave Nickolson. A staple of the Delaware rock scene, Dave had always wanted to start a reggae heavy band. He just needed to find the right people. 

Fate was on his side in the Spring of 2019 when three other Delaware bands, Sporadic Static, Perception and Surreal Nation, came to an end. Dave had been in both Sporadic Static and Perception. He, along with several other members of these bands, grouped together to form The Mad Dabbers.

The Mad Dabbers sound allows them to stand apart from other bands in their genre. While most of the other bands mix their reggae sounds with heavy influences of punk and ska, The Dabbers are more influenced by 90s style grunge. This gives their music a grittier feel. 

The Mad Dabbers have had festival billings alongside national acts such as Bumpin' Uglies, Brett Bollinger (of Pepper), The Unlikely Candidates and The Dollyrots. 

Their debut single, Missing Things is set to be jointly released by White Lion Audio and Indie On Air Records, and distributed by Ingrooves, on July 10, 2020. 

The Mad Dabbers are: 

Dave Nickolson-Vocals/Guitar 

George Achey-Drums 

Kevin Curry-Bass 


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